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Car key camera to scan poker cards

Poker cheating technicques car key poker scanner read juice marked deck

There must have been many players know various range of playing cards cheating devices. In given conditions, you need to use the poker cheating scanning camera but don’t know select which one. We strongly recommend you to choose our car key infrared camera. There are reasons why we mention this item for you. Car key camera lens is an anti-poker partner cheating scanner which is be installed a extremely small size camera lens inside it and it is a poker collusion techniques for reading juiced ink bar code marked playing cards. The smart ones will have already bagged their seats by purchasing this cheating device for playing games for entertainment. 
The appearance of this car key X-ray camera is same as normal car key we used in daily life. Thus it can be seen that proves this poker card analyzer not only can be used as normal car key but also can be used for anti-poker cheating in poker games. About the usage of this poker table scanner, you have to use it focus on the edge barcode luminous marked decks with suitable distance, so that it can read the data of bar-codes then you can get the result finally. 
When you use car key scanner, one the one hand, a good poker analyzer should be used to match it. On the other hand, the users should have an earpiece in order to listen the result. In a word, our car key defcon poker cheating plays a significant role in anti-poker cheating. At last but not least, if you use this poker scanning camera lens, you can use our edge infrared marked decks also. We have various brand of bar-code poker cards for your choice. While men all around you are using different style of poker cheating system with their recreation, do you still not use anti-poker cheating tools to counterattack? 


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  • Content:How much is the copag marke cards?
  • Reply:We have sent you the price of copag marked cards by whatsapp, please check.
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  • Content:How to send order for marked cards?
  • Reply:We have sent message on whatsapp for instruction how to order the marked cards.
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  • Content:what is the price of the perspective contact lenses and paired marked cards
  • Reply:please advise your contact way for sending the price and info for the contact lenses and marking cards
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  • Content:I want to buy the marked cards and contact lenses, how to order?
  • Reply:please advise your whatsapp account, then we can send the price with picture for marked cards and contact lenses.
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  • Content:How much is the red Bicycle marked cards?
  • Reply:The price of Bicycle marked cards has be sent by the whatsapp


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