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Cuff scanning camera

Cuff scanning camera
Can you imagine that there is a workable camera inside your cuff, right there in your Shirt? Yes, that is not a mystery now. Now we can offer you the cuff camera at any moment. The shirts are comforta...

Autofocus poker scanner

Autofocus poker scanner
If you have tried the side marked barcode scanner, such as the button scanning poker camera tie in chest, you will find that you have to care much about the distance and the position between the poker...

Cuff button barcode poker camera

cuff button barcode marked cards camera
Button, the cuff button in your shirt, such a small thing, but hidden a big function of poker scanner to assist you in anti poker cheating in casino games. Do not look down on the small thing button....

Removable button barcode poker scanner

scanning poker camera hidden in suit button
A new design poker cheating scanning camera is launched. And we name it as removable shirt button sensor bar-code poker camera. This button auto sensor poker cheating camera is removable, so you can ...

Chest poker spy card reader

chest button poker cheat device for texas holdem poker game
Chest button poker scanning camera is a good anti-poker cheating device in our company and this poker scanner analyzer has been a most popular device among poker players. There are various styles o...