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Where to find the anti-dice cheating tutorial and remote cheating dice? Maybe we can offer you different types of dice cheating device. All we know that dice games are very popular among dice players.
For this, you can use our high-tech micro wave induction dice to get much dice tricks. Just like using invisible ink marked cards with luminous ink reader contact lenses to get the poker hand odds in casino, so why not try this micro wave induction dice?
Magic induction dice was fixed with chip which can transmit the dice signal out and the vibrator can get these signal at the first time. The high quality induction dice is also called the magnetic induction dice. In addition, when you make your decision to apply this induction dice to dice cheat, there is no need to use any other dice cheating device at the same time.
The outward appearance of superb induction dices looks same as the common dices. Due to the concealable chip inside of dices, others can not detect them. By the way, we can make the magnetic induction dice or non-magnetic induction dice. We also can customized the dice according to your requirement. There are induction dice with different sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm.


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