Infrared poker camera

How to install a infrared poker camera inside the room? and where would be the best choice for hidden the playing cards trick camera?
As a anti-poker cheating device provider, we received so much questions like those.We would like to release more information on public, in case people can know more and recognize the IR cheating device.
First, for the infrared poker camera, to make sure the camera can see the whole environment of the room, the mini wireless infrared camera must hidden in somewhere high and be covered well. so the ceiling would the best choice of it. the location can make the IR trick camera monitor the whole room, especially the infrared marked cards on the poker table.
Secondly, where should be put in to hidden it? If install a naked infrared camera on ceiling, people will ask what is it, and find the special camera immediately. So you have to find some normal objects to hidden it. Like the lamp on the ceiling or the fire alarm, the surveillance camera can also to be used to install the poker cheating IR camera.
Thirdly, how to transfer the image signal between the monitor and the infrared cheat camera? The best way would be used the sender and transmitter, signal is much stable, and can use certain frequency that others cannot break it.
As we talked a lots about the infrared poker camera device, hope it can help you to increase the knowledge about the infrared kit.