Texas Holdem scanner system

When you are playing Texas Hold’em, and do you enger to know that if there is any way to win the game? or know who get the best hand before turn on the cards.
In there market there is wallet exchanger, but it is just a trick, the real high technology can let you know the winning hands directly.
Before we get too carried away it’s important to acknowledge the various limitations of such a device as it currently stands:
The cards must be pre-marked, which basically rules out using it in casinos.
While Poker Analyzers are designed to look like cell phones the gadgets are actually fairly easy to identify.
Clues for spotting a Poker Analyzer? It's thicker than usual cell phone, looks unusually thick and the camera is on the side instead of back.
Another bad sign? If a player was frequently re-adjusting their phone to be parallel with the deck of cards so the camera can read them.