Perspective table poker partner cheating

There are lots of poker players looking for the perspective table for non-marked cards recently. We are glad to tell you a news that we have this kind of magic perspective table now. As we known, this perspective table is one of anti-poker cheating device. It can be used for scanning the number suit of non-marked cards clearly and speedily.
At present, in order to achieve success in poker cheat, many poker winner predictor need to work together with marked cards and perspective table with special camera lens fixed in inside. The camera can be fixed in Texas Holdem table, Baccarat table and other magic shows.
The table, which has been installed with our newest mini size camera lens that can help you get poker game result accurately and quickly. After perspective table read the cards, it will send information to a TV in backstage. Then you can get the result easily. Any interest, please contact us !