Perspective poker table camera

The poker table camera to see through the regular playing cards, instead of using the marked playing cards is not a very new idea, but the technology improved makes the idea come into reality.
The poker table need to custom made, not all type of poker table can be made as the x ray camera table. Even some certain mode, it can be made as a regular face table, from the appearance you cannot see the hidden camera lens inside. But out of wireless image single transfer technical has came out a great opportunity for the digital signal transfer. The frequency must be not usual used, otherwise will be detected by other video device.

And the table camera also need some special hidden light aid, like eyes cannot be see things when it is dark. The camera is under the help of the lighting to scan the environment and see through the playing cards. You don't have to worry, the special hidden light means that human eyes cannot detected the lamp at all. This kind of light only sensitive to the special infrared poker camera.
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