Juiced deck with luminous ink

As we know, the special luminous ink which was mixed by the invisible ink recipe, and it is a new ink type which can be used to mark the different types of playing cards.
When you find the good quality luminous ink, the ink is invisible to the naked eyes, but it can read by the special invisible ink contact lenses or perspective sunglasses directly.
Some types of the luminous ink kit is including for the ink pen, a pair of poker lenses. Or you can also choose the playing cards which already marked with the juice ink.
Luminous ink is used to mark cards to cheat poker or for magic tricks
The luminous ink kit will come with everything needed to mark your own cards.
Luminous ink is only used on red backed authentic paper based playing cards.
This kit comes with a fine tip paint brush, luminous ink, red filter film to view markings, and detailed directions.