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Baccarat poker shoe scanner

Baccarat poker shoe scanner

As we known, poker shoe poker scanner is a kind of useful and excellent anti poker cheating device for different poker game. It is a essential cheating device for Baccarat and Blackjack. We have produced various types of poker shoes poker scanning cameras for your choice: hand control second deal poker shoe, remote induction poker shoe scanner, transparent poker shoe poker scanner device and other poker shoe poker winner predictor. We are here mainly introducing the magic Blackjack poker shoe poker table scanner for you.
Necessary program settings:
The whole fantastic poker shoe poker cheating system divided into three parts: a poker shoe with a HD camera, barcode marked playing cards and two remote controllers. All those three card cheating programs is necessary for this poker shoe poker scanning camera.
HD camera of magic poker shoe poker scanner:
We has fixed a HD camera inside of amazing poker shoe. This spy camera is completely concealable so that it is hard to find any flaw. With the HD camera lens inside of poker shoe, it can scan the barcode marked cards quickly and accurately. During the cheating process, our poker shoe poker scanning system can predict the whole poker hand statistics for you, but also will not make any noise, which can avoid being suspected by other players.
The function of remote controllers for poker shoe:
The two remote controllers should work together with amazing poker shoe poker odds calculator well. One of remote controller capable for controlling the switch of poker shoe and the other one is helping you know the poker winner.


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